moonlighting lover

Soul mates

I can't stop thinking about
the moonlight on your face
The white shirt hugging your
Torso, it was a risk meeting
In the carpark by the trees
The cool night air heavy
wafting with thier perfume
I could have said no but
The gauntlet was laid
You cut a fine figure tall
Muscular and lean.
My eyes working in the pale
Dim light to take you all in
You were like a child
so happy I came you stood
A ways from me no fearing
to cone any closer
Sensing Id might run away
You leaned against the car
And promised to behave
Eyes devouring me as if starved
I can't believe you came
You exclaimed, feet and arms crossed
So nervous here he is
the biggest playboy in town
Acting like a junior school.kid((b(%

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To be continued...

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