Oh Hate is!

Oh hell I felt it was close
and smack bang here it is
obligation calls another painful
night of denial.
I tried to ignore the signs
I hoped and prayed dilliverance
then came the call
direct and in your face like
excuses failed to come
they refused to leap off my tongue
oh how the Gods conspire against me
fie! fie! fie! I'll pluck out the bitches eyes!
what horrible things I've done your
entertainment fostered blamed
for this pennance to become the one.
i'm fixing to revenge my follies ZEUS!
I will slay that bastard daughter of yours,
Aphrodite and what ever bitch that comes
in the guise of fortunate love and civility,
and I will feed them to you as
chronos was his pleasure your distain.
How the cowards will run from this mighty
mortal who will make for every down cast
underplayed hand destroy the gods in thier
holy land for all souls are immortal and I will
conquer this ill fated balance,
as soon as my death warrants.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ever really not want to do something???

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