slings and arrows

Dramas come in threes
Drama addicts seek it
Like a crazy disease
What's the trigger?
The easiest of actions
brings the squeeze
All selfish and self serving.
What for bring lies and deceit
No one really knows the motives
Why should beauty
released from the
Tips of our tongues inspire
Cruelty in the name of vanity
Where is the pride that once
Grew a strong nation
Even when torn by war.
Where's the censorship
that inspires mateship
like Gallipoli were
Truces were called
to bury eachothers dead.
Where is the kindness
that fosters Respect
that children honor
And turn strangers to friends.
Honesty with ourselves
that kept us on guard
The white lies as others
faced the hard yards
The child with cancer
who won't see another day
Throwing slings of arrows
without care or restraint
is an illness of many everywhere
If your not good enough get better
Don't cut others down keep the faith
And outrageous fortune is yours
Though no money is worth
the values oftain gained and spent
Keeping ones dignity,
and the benefit of the doubt
as close associates and not
Seek to condemn for the mere
Enjoyment of an idiotic sport.
Drama comes in threes
Beside you the spirit
Understands in the ways of three.

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Theprofoundhummingbird's picture

Quite Profound

Society today is pointed towards a future of complete destruction. It's not because it's fate or some awful evil thing coming. It's our own actions and the actions of those people who would like the world to be smaller. I enjoyed this poem a lot. I'm not sure if that's what you meant but it sparked the patriotic, constitutional republic type person in me. Thank you.

- Zachariah

SSmoothie's picture

profoundhum :)

That's what it is about, people moving away from survival of comunity and brotherhood being replaced with survival of the prettiest. Stepping on eachother or denigrating Shallow and selfish to the point of delusion. Unprovoked attacks simply because they can to get what they want? In extreme conditions we can act more human, what is that nowdays? I wonder...? Human? Thankyou for your insightful comment! Cheers SS

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