Missing you

Three little words of blue
You think it love, well that's kind of true
Because this love for you is the reason
I miss you

And so I sail away
On my dreams and hopes and other cliches
I'll pour them in a giant jar
Let them glow and give me light in the dark

Tip-toe, tick-tock
Time just wants to stop
So I dance and play
Urging the day to continue on its way

So as it finally ends
The day shakes hands
And night begins
Then I let it hit

The sweet whimsical cry
I miss you

When, where, and how long?
I'll send a star every day you're gone
And mail cookies, some comfort from home
Any way to connect our love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Simple and sweet :)

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Liked the poem.

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Thank you!





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Liked it, nice color and

Liked it, nice color and sincerity shows too. I think this poem will hit a chord with a lot of folks who have been there too.

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Thank you very much :) This

Thank you very much :)
This is one of my lighter themed poems. I don't usually write something so light-hearted.

I appreciate you read it<3