The Curse of a Poet

A form of creative writing; the will to narrate life as we see it,

we read between the lines to find purpose and meaning.

Words flow naturally like streams into rivers, into lakes, into

oceans vast with ideas of expression shared in random writing


(The best poems are written alone in silence; in the privacy of

home, or mind. The best poets edit and give credit where it’s


We don’t fabricate or duplicate; originality is our cue.

A blessing doesn’t last forever…the blessing dies with you!

A talent wears out when you’re tired and old, eventually retired

from the talent you once crafted!

I thought I own a gift from above, heaven sent; then I realized

life is a gift not the ability to creatively write.

A skill is only as good as the writer becomes.

The Ill-est. poets never write nursery rhymes and lullabies’.

If you write Children’s books you’re a talented writer; ‘get-well’

notes and Hallmark cards; that’s a gift the writer shares with the



Poets like Pablo Neruda, Federico Garcia Lorca, Diego Rivera,

Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, Ann Frank (who died at an early age,

but wrote a masterpiece in her diaries) Emma Goldman, Isabel

Allende, Gary Soto, Juan Felipe Herrera, Luis J. Rodriguez, Tim Z.

Hernandez, Michael Medrano, Nick Belardes, Bryan Medina and

other’s alike; we are cursed poets carrying our past on our shoulders.

The weight of our thoughts balanced on paper and every time we

write we enter the darkness of times we tried to hide from, until we

finally realize the best form of dealing with the undesired is to bleed

on empty pages creating poetry, stories at their very best!

The rest are poetasters; inferior poets writing without wisdom and

experience—paid for the rights to be called a poet.

I have earned that right and yes, I will earn a degree with the rights I


My offspring shall carry my curse, and the legacy I am creating today

will continue to unfold with every step my children take and words

they form; my work has spread throughout the world without publishing.

It won’t be long before the whole world knows the curse of the

Soul Critic-Poet.       

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am cursed! Like many of you!!! You know who you are!!

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On my artist page...

This piece has over 320 reads worldwide on my artist page , I must say the number of reads here is surprisingly low, Where are my open minded poets at? #justsaying 


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I suspect that reads don't

I suspect that reads don't count if the reader is not signed in. I've noticed that if I read my own stuff from a different computer while not signed in it does not mark as a read. Perhaps we should take it up with Jason. Find out if that is the case. I don't know. Or perhaps we just need to tag our poems with more words. I dunno. :/

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Eureka!!! ;)


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My curse is that I refuse to

My curse is that I refuse to learn anything about poetry. Some day, I will go back and rework... Edit. I do so admire you skilled types. :)

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