Please Don't Go

I see pain and defeat in your eyes
You're living a life you now despise
I know you want to end your life
You want to see your husband and be his wife.

You're sick and in pain
You figure this is your only way
You say you can't take it anymore
That there is nothing left to fight for
Yet you have me,
You have our family.

Is it selfish to not want you to die?
I'll be devastated i'm not going to lie.
I want you to be happy
I hate that you're always feeling crappy.

But please think this through
Before you do something new
I know you know this is true
You have so many people who love you.

If in the end you ignore what we've said
I know there will be many tears to be shed
But give my brother a hug
Send him and Daddy my love
And when it is finally my time to stop livin'
I'll meet you all in heaven.

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