heaven and a dream

Choosing heaven above my dream

Pondering so deep, I finally find the seam

Shows me all the imperfections of this satiric beam

Of lies chosen in confusion about this thing

Love spread out on butterfly wings

New beginnings with the same old ring

Picked the dream that seemed most real

The most reward has the least appeal

Pain smells sweet and relief surreal

Heaven was the choice I feared

Discombobulated by life, confidence sheared

Faith, strength and wisdom erupt, no longer arrear

But saturate me fully shifting me to choose

My dream which is heaven so I can’t lose

For this heaven all laid out for me to choose

Was a dream in which I’d always lose

Feigning a sweeter scent

Claiming each heaven is a place we reinvent

Individually entangling with each lament

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this piece about my deodorant that has 2 fragrances..heaven and dream..I chose to buy twice as much drwam as heaven and plannon playing with the reason why...spooky, huh?

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i liked it