Fight the Love

I lay here

and my mind wanders

I drift into a realm of why

Why is he here

Why does he love me

Does he even know who I am

What I am

Where I am...

Because sometimes

I wonder...




Im a Lover, Not a fighter

As I love this man so

I get these weird feelings

That I should let him go


Im a Lover, Not a fighter

As he makes my heart flutter

I get these sad thoughts

of being put in the gutter


Im a Lover, Not a fighter

As he makes me feel complete

I tend to question myself

If his love is truly deep...


How can I know his love is real

How can I see how he truly feels

When do I know I need to let go

of the past pains thats killing me so

When do I learn how to fight for this love

Because fighting is not something I am of...

And why do I keep on getting these blues...

of the Why, how , What if and  how to's.


Im a Lover, Not a fighter

and I want happiness

So I hope I can figure out

My Emoitonal War mess..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

emotions..can really break me apart mentally..but i usually write when it does..

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