stressed and distressed

silent screams and suicidal pleas.
distressed and stressed,
he says she couldn't care less.
"love me, you don't",
do anything... he says, "she won't."
her sanity is peeling,
she's getting tired of dealing,
again and again.
she wants to give up,
and he's lost all trust.
she's trying to be,
and trying to succeed,
but all she's doing,
is the devilish deed.

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Suck it up and survive. Death is easy. Wait long enough and it will be an indisputable and inevitable fate. As old as I am, I know it is tough for young and old to keep it together, but time heals, it does. That's the theme I write and live by. Note: In poetry topic never trumps style and craftsmanship - sincerely, allets