Asking No Mercy

Satish Verma

So normal, the poverty
makes you rich.
At the same time, you cry.

Not needed to be
adored, I was my own slave.
The long journey suffers.

The big shark makes
a dive. You fall like ginger―
bread in mouth of kismet.

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As always, you achieve so

As always, you achieve so much in your preferred, condensed style of penning. It is the fleshy body, mostly, that cries for it's poverty. And the spirit/soul or mind, if you will that cheers for it's own wealth. But will power and perseverence only come from the latter's wealth, all while needed physical relief is brought on by the former. Woe to one whose perseverence is attached to the physical, for a mere earthquake can change all that in a moment, and tears will wash it away.