I Knew

We've been drifting apart

Broken path, broken heart

You kept saying we'd find each other

That was until you found another 

As if this was a game to you 

As if you thrived on my pain, too

A different day, and I could have died 

But luckily enough, fate saved my life 

You see, I knew you were crazy

Scarlet cheeks, eyes hazy 

But no one else believed me 

Until they saw me take the beating 

We're you smiling as you tore me up?

I couldn't see, my eyes swollen shut

A punch to my face 

With uncanny grace 

But I figured otherwise

You granted your despise

Out of control and unrelenting

I took the blows and fiery venting 

But you wanted more from this 

One last, passionate kiss 

Your lips tasted of liquor 

And it made me feel sicker 

To feel your lips against mine

The disgusting taste of fermented wine

But I took it all cause I felt your pain

Knew what it was like to live in vain 

The way it feels to walk in shame

When all is lost and you're to blame 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey, guys. I wrote this about domestic violence because it's a serious issue. I hope this doesn't trigger anyone. Thanks for reading. 

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