Lost Without you

Oh God where Do I go from here?

Without her I'm so lost,

I don't know who, or what I am,

I can't eat, I can't Sleep,

All I can do is mope around like a zombie,

I'm not alive , but I'm not dead,

I sware I feel like I wish I was dead,

But then I can't do that either,

I can't do that to my kids,

I Love them so much, and they

don't know what's wrong with daddy,

and it's not like I can explain it to them.

I can't do anything right, even this is screwed up,

I'm just a looser, I can't go on,

God Please make it end.....

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I'm sorry you're troubled so. Keep writing about it when you need a place to express yourself, when you feel it's beyond copeability. It will prove useful.