Reality Has Changed Me - Part I Thursday, January 15, 2009

I look in the mirror but my reflection is hard to see
There is a girl there that use to be me
It looks like me, moves like me and even sounds like me
But if you look more closely now there is so much more to see
Reality has changed me.
I look a little harder at the person in front of me
Who she is I am unsure of, or what she intends to be
I recognize some things but she is changing before me
Roaming around trying to find her way in a life that use to be
Reality has changed me.
She stands afraid of what is before her and no longer feels free
Her thoughts and her emotions bleeding into her reality
Before her she sees the ashes of a life that use to be
She chokes on fear of new beginings, wading through life, wandering
Reality has changed me

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