Why can’t I find someone that is everything that I need to be?

One who will cherish me and lay roses at my feet.

Love me for all my faults no matter how bad they seem to be.

Raise me to a pedestal and sweep me from my feet,

to be my knight in shining armor my hero my soul.

Someone to never be alone,

to be my hopes my faith, and even my beliefs.

Someone to hold and comfort me when my day is finally done,

to show me shades of yellow from the sun.

Someone to erase every fearful thought that looms in any given day,

that is not afraid of the words and will not walk away.

Someone to grow old with me,

and still be in love with me when this dream is done.

To be my light and guide me when this path grows dim,

to lean on, to hold my hand.

Someone to grab my kisses from the stars,

and hold them close to their heart.

Someone to lie with me and to sift the sands of time,

catching them as they fall.

One who wants to only be mine.

Someone that is everything that I need to be.

One who will cherish me,

and lay roses at my feet.

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