Who Am I?

Who am I?

At this point I am not sure.

I know that I am a carbon-based life form,

which assumes this given identity.

But the reality that is facing me is one that I am not certain.

Who is this person that lies somewhere deep below,

this masquerade that covers my soul.

That sucks the air from my lungs,

and drowns me in a sea of life’s lustful kisses.

That’s stuck wallowing in its own pity.

Self-destruction is near, it can feel the fear.

To late to run, too late to hide, the monster is outside.

Lurking in the darkness of your dreams, till you stop and scream.

Who is this person that is me?

I am no one to some, and I am everything to others.

I am lost in this world that devours me.

But what is to say who I am,

If not just a dream.

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Cooter Brown's picture

I know this feeling, touched me. Excellent work..........thanx for sharing them