The Tears of a Memory

Volume Two

Book: Psycho- Confessions
By: Matthew Wayne

“The Tears of a Memory”

I remember it all like it was just yesterday
it's like living a dream, you would say
I never realized how easy it could be taken away
now I'm stuck with the tears of a memory

My heart bleeds for your touch
I need it so very much
the way your body moved with grace
wishing for your embrace.
Death was there to claim
the doctors whispered your name
They said you went with god
I wished they had been wrong
for in my life is where you belong
not in the tears of a memory

I can still see the words escape your lips
still see the way you move your hips
I remember it all like it was just yesterday
and how painfully it was stripped away
you were right, it was like living a dream
for your beauty is all that I've ever seen

“Now its trapped within the tears of a memory”

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

very powerful heartfelt piece. I'm sorry you lost this person. If there were not female references in the piece the whole thing could relate to anyone losing someone special. Very evocative...

ScarIronFist's picture

You're a blooming flower aren't you? Your writings continue to mature in leaps and bounds.