Fade Away

Volume One




Fade Away”



Everyone has their clicks, and their picks

but for me, a nobody with no where to go

lost in the tide, lost in the flow

the false sense of reality

of something I'll never see

of something I'll never be

Its the way it is

nothing left to give, to dead to live


"Fade away, as I prayed today

to a God I don't believe exists

from a heart that has tried to resist"


Don't take this away from me again

I won't be able to pick up the pieces

The nightmares start all over

I'll be lucky if I'm sober

Don't take this away from me

It's the only thing I have

It's my reason to be

without it, I'll just fade away






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Found this stashed away in my notebook, its a rather old poem I wrote


(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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