Volume One






Heaven is so bold,

your beauty brighter then gold

heaven is so bright,

looking in your eyes I can see its light


"The sky is blue,

bringing in something new

heaven is nothing without you"


Heaven is a place where my angel can sing and dance

where your beauty will only enhance

and can never be sold

wither or grow old


"The sky is blue

bringing in something new

heaven is nothing but you"


I've told you this a million times

I've said this to you through a million rhymes

your beauty goes beyond that of a million minds

and those of infinite finds

You are my heaven, without you I'm left with nothing

and trapped in the darkness

you are my heaven, my queen

hoping that I can be your king


"The sky is blue,

bringing my angel something new

Heaven is everything about you"







Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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poetvg's picture

yes i agree
love and heaven
should be like that :*) .