Volume One






I'm Fucked in the head

Your god is dead

you said I was obsessed

they said I was depressed

nothing is what it seems

were lost within our own dreams

my pain will portray

my emotions will decay

all things will start to delay

my thoughts will slow

nothing can save me now

my mind just won't allow

hurt in many ways

hurt in so many days

peel my skin away

now its impossible for my words to say

you made me believe

that even in the darkest of eve

Love will bloom, but then it will consume

I am hurting beyond words

I am hurt, nothing but dirt

my blood runs cold

the memories in which I hold, will never be told

never again will I love, killed my only chance

the misery will only enhance

hurting I dance, to this devil's prance


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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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