Volume One







Will I always feel this way

trapped in this cell

My Prison, My Hell

Nothing seems the same

a life to hard to tame

my fault, my blame

I keep the pain locked up inside

so much they start to collide

so much they never subside

The pain seems so real

to tired to feel, to hurt to heal

A world I had once to give,

a life worth to live

now there is nothing

Nothing to live for

just empty and sore

trapped in my prison alone

a wasted life in which I was shown


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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Well said, and (im sorry if

Well said, and (im sorry if most of my comments seem the same lol) im running low on words at the moment. XD
I love the poem though, very good. ( i need a better word then good). I know what its like to be stuck in a cell, with no way out. Your trapped behind the bars, that seem like will never be taken away. You feel like its all your fault, your blame and shame are apart of you, no happyness to shine through. But remember this, a cell isnt forever, it can be knocked down, and you can escape. DOnt let the prison, or your personal hell, keep you from living. I learned this leason.. hell im still learning it lol Im stuck in this cell, my own personal hell, but i still live, for another day, cause thats the one , i wish to get to. One day. :)

And a wise person in my life once told me these words- " One More Mile" When you feel like giving up, when things are real tough, think, " One More Mile". Cause once you walk "One More Mile", you walk another, then another, then another,and how you do it, is one foot in front of the other, left in front of right. You keep steping forward, never looking back. And when you walk "One More Mile, you get even closer, to what you want to get to. So Do you have "One More Mile" Left inside? Cause I know, I do . :)