Your Song in the Ivy


How should I greet you,

yesterday's joy,

draped in vines that are

lyrics without sound,


something about letting go

without calling it a death,

but the doorway to life . . .


You gave me some idea of how soft

the love of God must be.


And that was too much to ask of a cat.


Now all I can give you is lacy rain

and your ivy bed with its 

nourishing green song 

and the scent

of spice and holiness. 


Just for today I will 

be like the clouds 

that are swallowed in stillness,

then appear somewhere else

because change is the one 

thing they do,

so they do it 

with everything they are—


simmering dragons, misty potential,

unformed worlds.


Yes, like that. 


The music of your sleep is unbreakable,

heavier than the marble storm

that splits the western sky

into angels and doom.


If I could do only one thing,

in this moment,

it would be to love

the shadows

as much as the light,


till light is all there is.


It's all so clear through

a veil of rain. 


I pick some violets,

dripping with desire that

their short lives be more 

than jewels and 



and place them on your

glistening stone.


They are broken, then formless,

then cleansed. 


Patricia Joan Jones





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allets's picture

“to love the shadows”

Nature gently woven in an evolutioned eulogy - quiet as hummingbird wings; images dance in routines of well positioned choreography. The simply stated are not simple. "lyrics without sound" is mantra worthy~S~



patriciajj's picture

I can't thank you enough for

I can't thank you enough for that eloquent, insightful, incredibly uplifting comment. You certainly made my day! 

word_man's picture

you painted some lovely

you painted some lovely images pat,sorry for your loss

animals are our best friends,it`s tough to lose them


ron parrish

patriciajj's picture

Thank you for your thoughtful

Thank you for your thoughtful and comforting words. They mean so much. 

word_man's picture

you`re welcome pat

you`re welcome pat

ron parrish

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It's beautiful, Patricia. I

It's beautiful, Patricia. I miss my dog every day...more than most people I have known. She was my best friend. 

patriciajj's picture

Thank you for your kind words

Thank you for your kind words and support. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. And losing an animal companion certainly is as crushing as any human loved one's death, sometimes even more so because they give us a taste of unconditional love, something very rare in our competitive, individualistic society.


I always appreciate your feedback, fine poet. 

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Thus beautiful elegy is so

Thus beautiful elegy is so moving---with your customary symbolism and phrases, you re invent this form so that it both reflects your own emotion, and allows us, your readers, to see our perhaps unspoken emotions given expression and dignity by youe eloquence.


[* /+/ ^]

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Thank you kindly for such a

Thank you kindly for such a beautiful, deep and perceptive comment. It means so much. God bless you.