Lost in Your Eyes

I feel myself being pulled out of my body into wondrously beautiful orbs, so deep and mysterious but yet so full of comfort and life.


As I enter I am immediately infused with the most profound feeling of love and kindness that my only thought is that I have passed into the very place imagined by many to be heaven.


An immeasurable power of comfort and compassion swirls around me as if it were a mist made up of tiny soft flowers, beautiful and vibrant, smelling like a meadow in the springtime when everything that is new begins to bloom.


The sky is colored a soft and calming blue that gives a promise of a lifetime of warm summer days. I wander through this place aimlessly but unafraid at being lost, and then I see a form in the distance, a vision so beautiful that my eyes struggle to focus and my mind is barely able to comprehend.


As I look upon this angelic presence I am suddenly aware it is you, your face softly gleaming with the radiance of life and love itself, sending it throughout this place like the sun lights the earth.


Your hair, streaming upward and giving the very sky its color and promise of everlasting summer days, your arms feeding the mists of comfort and compassion that swirls and drifts through every part of this wondrous place and blankets it with your tenderness.



At this moment I realize where I am, I am in a place I never want to return from, I am lost in your eyes......

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That's really beautiful, sir,

That's really beautiful, sir, "notapoet". Liking reading your words.

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