draw me into eyes of blue

yes, our love, it will endure...

for i know good heart is pure.

now life's suns are on the rise.

and i know that we'll prevail...

'cause good spirits you've set sail.

and the proof has found the skies.

you told me all along,

there's more love than that i've known.

we'll come live it like a song,

it's a place where we belong,

where the fruits of love are grown.

and i don't mind the world when it finds me here with you.

the rest, i'll keep in waiting, time with you will see me through.

and, baby, how i know it, you so shine a brighter view...

i'll be lost within your eyes here,

a new hope, it glows anew.

you so drown me in the moment,

draw me into eyes of blue.

and i don't mind the darkness, just a path through lies it drew.

the rest is for replacing, it's the thing you've come to do.

and, baby, now i know it, love for you, a love so true...

i'm so lost within your eyes now,

and new light, it glows anew.

honey, drown me in the moment,

draw me into eyes of blue.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You're teasin' like you're in love. I am, yeah. Baby...

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Dyleena Byrd's picture

This was amazing, it caught my interest because I have blue eyes :) A beautiful poem <3

ApandaRae's picture

Genius! First of all I would like to thank you for the beautiful comments on my poems. It means so much to me. And secondly this poem is absolutley amazing. I like the flow and how you pieced this one together. I felt true emotion while reading this, one of the best love poems I have read. Wonderful piece, keep up the beautiful work!