The "i'll do its and the I'll get it done"

Are still sitting around waiting for you to do.

Now it's all piled up and overwhelmed like you. 

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Loving that title! That alone

Loving that title! That alone is a poem, and what you did with three relatable, shrewly stitched lines was the perfect summary of my own personal chaos. From the piles of disarray, I say: Well done! 

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sometimes we are just lazy

sometimes we are just lazy

ron parrish

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This brief but highly

This brief but highly powerful epigram reminds me of the best of the Greek and Latin epigrams---or, rather, those I can read (lacking both languages) in English; or like the brief poems of J. V. Cunningham.  The beauty of this form, which you have shown us here, is the amount of verbal power compressed in such few words and lines.


[* /+/ ^]

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Hey morningglory  came by to

Hey morningglory Smile came by to see what you was up to. I see you are making brevity  a strong point. You sure are. 

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One Hundred Chores

Are on hold because of shut-down. I want the libraries open now! And all the museums! Nice poem - it piles up - Library of Congress...Print out novels...go to print shop and post office - for starters.


Good reminder to do write!





Lady A