I fed Charlie

He just kept

comin' 'round

Showing me

His majestic

Brown nose

So, I fed him




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Charlie is so lucky to have a

Charlie is so lucky to have a friend like you. Such a beautiful gesture. 

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I would have fed him too

  1. SmileI would have fed him too
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Mr Rottweiler

He is a freedog. Owns this valley which i call a mountain. He has no people. He wants not for people. But he is friends with our dogs. He came right to the porch. I brought him leftovers. First time he has allowed me to step so close. 

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God will bless you for your

God will bless you for your kindness.


[* /+/ ^]

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We like friends

He wants to be friends but he does not seem to want his own people. 

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a four legged critter?  brown

a four legged critter?  brown nose is good on cats and dogs but not so good if it's a two legged critter.  good poem.

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I thought it funny

I figured it could be taken as a human brown noser. Glad you caught that. However, in truth, yes, Charlie is a dog. (Still we could be talking human. Lol)

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Tell Charlie I Said Hi

Dogs rock and feed em, you have a pal for life! ~S~



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He shall remain



He lives in harmony with the environment. He sure knows how to survive. Boy looks healthy. 

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