Lessons learned

The journey has taught me many things

One is that it just keeps going...

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good words 

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Enjoying the Now for now is

Enjoying the Now for now is being in the now. Some people call it Zen Wink

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B 4 I Read This

I was just now thinking about this. I was thinking: "If you had survived the crap me and my siblings crawled out from under you would understand how successful we are. We survived. A lot of us made the wrong choices or did not live in faith to keep following the journey. This poem says special things. Write on! - Lady A -

I wrote a poem "The Journey" long winded version of the same.
Flow, go, show, know... :D




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I gottagofind that piece of

I gottagofind that piece of writing of yours. I should write much more. The journey proves to be a "long strange trip."

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you learn from your mistakes

you learn from your mistakes and just life i guess

but we always seem to find a way to forget what life has taught us

ron parrish

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PPersonally, o am just enjoying the now for now. Been quite pleasant as we've been going

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