It's ok not to be ok

I know that it’s all messed up

You don’t feel yourself anymore

You don’t even know who you are

And that’s ok


I know that words don’t change the confusion

Our thoughts are turning dark black

And we don’t accept the bright colors

Because they want to show us that it’s all ok


I don’t want to feel like it

I want to cry, scream

I want to sit into my lonely bed

And I want to feel


Right now, I feel something

Right now, It started to rain

I somehow feel better

Because the rain is washing everything away


I’m driving this car that never stops

It represents my mind

 I try to shut it down several times

But I can’t stop it


I want to feel sad

But at the same time I don’t

Just like an unstoppable car

There’s no exit


So, I want to feel myself again

I want to stop feeling this shame

Because I thought that love was good to me

But things are never that easy


When it gets dark

I personate this character

I’m a lost astronaut

I’m silently crying and my place is far away


I look around me

And now I understand how lonely things can get

So I close my eyes

And I breathe







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope this helps someone out. I always write when I feel like something's wrong, so I hope there's someone in the world who will feel like what they're feeling is totally ok.

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Starward's picture

This is a very wise poem.

This is a very wise poem.


[* /+/ ^]

borbug's picture

this is lovely piece, well

this is lovely piece, well presented sadness and it very much

MoonDust's picture

thanks for the love!!

thanks for the love!!