Man the way people boast, can't miss it, it's on TV radio plus they post coast to

coast. We love poking out our chest, boasting I'm the best, to the hell with the 

rest. Laughing like it's a big joke when we rag on folk a very heavy yoke



I remember life being more clear when people would lend an ear or this I would

hear. May I be of assistance, what do you need. What's been allowed to supersede?

That moster greed. Now we all have an emptiness that needs to be filled, we try pills

thrills and even ill will, going down hill.



Then get pissed when in life we remiss, some fall into the abyss, trying to reach that

state of bliss. Then all they can foresee is misery, even with a college dergee, misery

do love company.


So we make up contests, trying to reach some sort of success nonetheless we digress

trying to find, who's the best. Although we do have our super powers. We're taught

never to cower, you're a beautiful flower but things do go sour,

living in Ivory towers.



Now if you want to boast about who's foremost. check out this bloke who wasn't

blowing smoke, whenever He spoke. the man was no joke. The man was shrewd,

He fed the multitude, neve rude nor would He delude, minds and bodies, He



A healer of the sick, a peacenik without the politics. Never a squatter, He's called

The Potter. The man even walked on water. He's the real deal in which you can always

appeal, if there are storms in your life, He can make 'em kneel.

Peace Be Still.


And hears the kicker, more potant than liquor and quicker than any city slicker. You see,

it had been aforesaid so he knwe what was ahead and he could have fled, instead, He

was nailed to the cross where He bled. Then was raised from the dead.


So for all those who think they're hard, check out The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Where you shall stand in total awe with the rest. Every knee shall bow, every tongue

shall confess, Now Who's The Best?



So if you want to boast about who's utmost, then we can all give a toast from coast

to coast, to The Lord Of Hosts and receive The Holy Ghost.


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