Stockholm Syndrome

I've spent my life 

a prisoner-of-war,

held captive by your criticism.


These condemning chains they strangle me;

these fault-finding ropes 

they suffocate me.


But there came a time 

when I accepted 

captivity as my reality.


I believed this was 

my lot in life

as pain perforated my heart. 


I thought this was love,

since this was the only love I knew,

until I met true love.


It removed my bondage

and shined light into 

my dark, desolate cell.


It showed me that 

love is not supposed to hurt,

and life is not meant to be caged. 

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Stockholm too. That shits for real! 

I too have finally been experiencing love that's real. :) 


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Excellent write 

Excellent write