Inextrovert [Introvert + Extrovert]

 Like Hades and cocoon, some are introvert,

 Keeping to themselves,

 Avoiding company,

 Being shy and quiet.


  Extrovert is the name,

 Specified for the opposed faction,

 But what about those,

 Who contain both the traits at the same time?  


  The whole lot is His maneuvers,

 Singularity is there within singularity,

 Varieties are born among the varieties constantly,

 Glory be with Him, His mystery and holiness.


  Such souls are plentiful ubiquitously,

 Walking on the surface of the earth,

 Perhaps special they really are,

 Being blessed with both the traits evenly.


  ‘Inextrovert’ should they be called, think I,

 As two gems are hidden in them,

 Making them unique among the mortals,

 Such beings do exist, it’s not a lie.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have tried to invent a word i.e. 'inextrovert' (introvert + extrovert). Definition: a person who is quiet or shy and feels uneasy to talk to other people but sometimes becomes friendly and likes the company of others.You can see the online definition here:








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a.griffiths57's picture

  Impressed by your


Impressed by your creativity of vocabulary - yes I think theres a lot of people who enjoy their own company and those of other peoples in equal quantities. Show inner strength (their own company), and understanding (the company of others) both really good qualities in a person. Liked your poem.

Morningglory's picture

I feel like one of those. But

I feel like one of those. But I'm like the extreme version. I LOVE being around other people and am really outgoing but I'm also quiet and very shy and feel uneasy as I'm with people. It's a strange sensation. Inextrovert. Like the word.

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KingofWords's picture

I'm an inextrovert too

Thank you so much for the comment my friend. To be honest, I really am an inextrovert person. If I have these two characteristics in me then it can rightly be generalised that there are numerous others out there somewhere. :)

Morningglory's picture

For sure!

For sure!

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