Come to the Way of Love

 Come to the way of love, the way that’s ‘right’

 Don’t listen to those,

 Who choose the other way,

 To bicker, to fight.


  Don’t they bleed whom you attack?

 Don’t they cry like you,

 When a friend is wronged

 Or in unendurable ache?


  Stop letting a Shylock be born,

 In the hearts’ cores,

 Let mercy spread its celestial ray,

 From even to morn.


  The Bard’s words shall act as nectar,

 Since in nature the solution lies hidden,

 Embroidered in love’s furry threads,

 Forgetting all else just go there.


  Come to the way of love,

 The path of truth and beauty,

 Once find you shall the garden of the Hesperides,

 Fight no more, embrace life like a free dove.     


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Very nice potentry Mr Z Haque my friend...

Very nice potentry on Love Mr Z Haque my friend... I personally like the simplicity in your words. Some use the dictionary while expressing themselves which somehow makes me wondering Why why use big words ? Maybe everything has got a reason. I do prefer simplicity over verbose. The words understood clearly by a commoner like me is welcome(in my humble view) This is possibly because I dont have much of a vocabulary. BTW a nice & refreshing profile picture. Wonder what is written beneath the photograph.Such small print !! ~Your~friend~on~the~same~sun~side



KingofWords's picture

Thank you

The profile picture represents my book of "poetenry" (poems of ten lines) that has recently been published and the title is "Give Me a Sky to Fly". The book also includes the poem "Mr. Bishu of Kolkata" that I dedicated to you once.

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Congratulations !!!!! Wish you all success in your literary purs

Congratulations !!!!! Wish you all success in your literary pursuits !!! Is the book "Give Me a Sky to Fly" available in India?? If so, I must buy one. I am indeed happy and proud to have such a nice-hearted poet as my LDF (Long distance friend) Could you send me the screenshot of the back cover through PM so that I can see it and feel happy. Congratulations once again. 



KingofWords's picture

Oh yes!

It's not available in India at present. However, you can collect a copy from the internet soon. Regarding the cover, I'm sending it right away. Thank you once again.