Lost in the Lost Planet

Everywhere can I see the faces masked and at the same time bold,

Emitting wide-ranging colours,

The known faces appear to be mysterious,

I feel like being lost in a lost world.


Friends are proved enemies in the end,

The apparent foes turn out to be well-wishers,

Irony of the Classical Age has got its kingdom back as its presence now harshly ushers,

Fate works as the father and irony the brutal lad is at work in its own trend.


Iago and Lucrezia’s greed will feel ashamed sensing the avarice of most of the spouses,

Children’s love for the parents is the image of the plastic flowers, relatively,

People are on the run to destroy human lives very quickly!

Wars and bombs, bombs and wars, destroying thousands of houses.


The definition of love has been changed into something bad,

It’s not ‘love’ as would appear on Keats’ Grecian urn,

The lovers’ hearts are empty of it, it’s not something precious, they simply let it burn,

Having love in the heart, the dictionary alone gives the impression of being glad.   


The worst of all these is the fact that we are lost in this lost planet,

Only the human hearts have the magic potion that all those bombs and wars lack,

We are required to make every effort till death, to get it and us back,

And the eternal healer changing wind whispers- WAIT, not now, not yet…!  



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ClyricJLawstory's picture

Great read!

This my friend is exceptional! If only more people could see further into their hearts, thing's could change. Love, has lost its meaning, tradition has been lost, and marriage no longer is respected for the vows that bring it together. This is a great piece!

KingofWords's picture

Thank You.

Thank you so much my friend for your superb comment.