As if Mother Nature,

Were expressing her anger,

Through the intolerable hellish heat,

That for the humans is damn hard to beat!


Perhaps revenge is being taken by nature,

For all the ghastly deeds we have done to her,

 It’s nothing but an admonition,

Before the ultimate extinction.


It’s time we protected environment,

Before we in hell are sent!

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It's a sad state of affairs.

It's a sad state of affairs. We humans have little respect. Gratefully, there is an awakening occurring. Just too bad the people in power are too greedy to end their ways. 

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Thank you

It's good to receive comment from you after a long time. :)


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It HAS been a long time. its

It HAS been a long time. its challenging to do much writing while on the road. phone typing makes my arms hurt. Hope you are well!

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