Tragic Loss

Our last goodbye didn't happen.

Only I love you and planned future.

Nothing further, because you were taken from me.

I am dying in the monsoon of tears.

I feel me drowning and I cannot risk help.

I. I am terrorized by your final moments.

I use to have such guilt, because I loved the wrong woman.

She kept me from you. She stole my time with you.


Now I sit in the late hours crying and asking why.

Why did you do this to my mom?

Why did you cast such pain onto her love ones?

How could you rob us of her sweet laughter?

How could you steal her from us before we could say goodbye?

What had she done, or not done, to desrved your final judgement?


I stare into the night. Tears flooding my pillow.

I stare into my grief. I greet my mafness.

I stare into the dying freams. Hello my grief.

The sorrow penetration, the final nail in my heart.

I cling to your smiling face. I feel all of you fading.

I am sorry for my shortcomings and failures.

I only wish I had more time with you.


I pull at my hair, bury my crying face and rub my eyes raw.

The finale of you is penetrating my stubborn heart.

It screaming this nightmare is not true.

I am only your son with grief and regrets.

Crammed of bottled grief. Combustion of tears and screams.

I stare into the madness. I stare into the darkness.

Stolen from us. I fail at accepting you are gone.

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Death Realist

I worked in healthcare most of my workklife. Death is simply inevitable. At 71, I am ready for that night thief. Every living moment is precious! Wishing you health and happiness! ~S~

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