Still Broken



I took one last trip down memory lane

I revisited a folder I still had of you, brought me so much pain

All the pictures I had saved

And all those beautiful messages I didn't wanna erase 


As I was reading every letter, every fucking word

I realized only then, how much I got hurt

I felt a tear fall from my eyes

Boiling with hatred from reading your lies


Reminiscing of all the promises you had made

All those memories we had built just to break

Every single moment 

With a few words, stolen


I felt like crying so fucking hard tonight

As I read along like a spiders venom, it hit me hard, I wanted to die

I regret not saying a few things to you

I regret doing things I should've never done

All those nerdy voices I promised I would never do

I regret most of it, but mostly letting my heart be strung


You were so young and so hopeless

I was older, I knew how to cope with this

I wrote so many songs for you, and you didn't appreciate 

Now you'll never know I still write you songs, but songs of hate


If I ever see you again, I can't say what I'll do

But it can't be anything nice or evil, but I will go talk to you

I will let you see me smile and even though deep down I'll be still broken

And maybe for a second you'll want me back, just for a moment 


But I won't be foolish this time around

For a while I was lost, but tonight I've been found

And I will never be sure of where I belong

But the next time I say those three words, I won't be wrong