The Concert Hall

An orchestral flood,


Loud and passionate,


The music reaches all corners of the Great Concert Hall,


A triumphant crescendo.


Near silence follows.


The tempo changes,


The volume drops,


A flute whispers.


A melody almost childlike,


Clear but barely audible.


A lullaby or a hymn,


Or a love song. Or a poem.


The audience listens in tense expectation.

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Newly found music does this, there as audience is indeed expectation filled :)



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Thanks, allets.

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bring it on.  live music is

bring it on.  live music is the best.

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Thanks very much, fuche_bu.

Thanks very much, fuche_bu.

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Digging it. As I am currently listening to my friends flute play. Synchronic reading.

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks very much

Thanks very much  Hopefulwoman.