Black Roses

I showed up at your funeral not knowing what to expect or who to see up there kept thinking in my mind that somehow this is not real and that it can not be you that has gone and that your still alive, slowly as we walk up to your casket with black roses in hand i layed them on your casket.

I looked up at the sky and in my mind asked god how could this have happend to somebody so special as you and somebody who meant the whole world to me and i felt this chill go across my body, and i heard your voice saying its okay your not in anymore pain anymore.

I got this feeling come across me like somebody was standing behind me and when i looked behind me i didn't see anybody i knew and then the feeling got stronger and i turned around once more and, i saw you standing there behind me with black roses in your hand.

You told me that you loved me and always will and how you will never forget me and all the times we shared togeather and all the times you made me laugh and you tryed to kiss my cheek one last time and give me one last hug, but you couldn't everybody looked at you and asked why are holding your arms out to the air.

So with tears flowing down your face you walk back up to my casket and you place 3black roses and 2red roses on my casket and told me goodbye and i love you for the last time and walked away, i wanted to show you that i love you aswell but how could i when i am laying in this casket.

Then she felt the wind blowing just a bit stronger and the wind blew all of my roses off, my casket and formed them into the words of I LOVE YOU EVEN AFTER LIFE.

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My Poem Black Roses,
By:Heather Feazel

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