Thank You Marilyn For All That You've Done

Manson and Twiggy

Marilyn Manson
What can I say
How can I express
How thankful I am
Showed me
The value of me
Even when

Everyone else

Told me
I was nothing
You taught me
I was something

If I thought
I was something
And that as long

As I loved
Who I was

Not them

But me
Then I was beautiful
No matter what
They said
You taught me
How to be me

And do so proudly
While not letting

The bullshit

Of others
Get me down
I am not
Afraid anymore
To be seen as me
I'll let others think
What they may
Of what they see
The point is
Not what
Their opinion is

But the fact that

I am finally me
Thank you
For giving

That to me

Yes thank you Manson
For being the one

Who was finally able
To teach me
To be free



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i_fell_on_deaths_wings's picture

there are probably others

i bet there are many others who feel this way about him too. good work

LittleLennonGurl's picture

Thank you, and Manson is a

Thank you, and Manson is a hero of mine because he was the one in a world of you are wrong who said you are are right and beautiful as long as you are you and you makes you happy. That right there is the thinkning that literally saved me.