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Well most would find my writing negative and "evil." But it's mostly just a representation of the "extreme." Anyway don't take it to seriously
So with that said a little about me... I play bass guitar, i love music, i listen to mostly black metal but i also enjoy death metal, speed, thrash, and most types of metal. I HATE religion and all the problems it creates in our society. I like to write poems and songs, create music, discover new things, I'm a great cook, I'm a lover of the night, the moon, and the snow and winter. I enjoy getting out on the hills and snowboarding and snowmobiling. I also enjoy movies and comedy. I recently started writing a lot of jokes for stand up routines and will eventually gain the courage to perform stand up comedy live. I also do auto body work and paint. I'm a 29 year old male that now hails from the dust crusted state of Arizona but was born in the frozen lands of WisconSIN. One day ill be back home. Anyway my name is Cole and I stand alone, but never in solitude, beneath the Amber moon. Keep it true!!!!

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''Get the FUCK out of my way''
"To see through the flesh, takes more than your eyes." (don't judge people until you know them."


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