The Battle

Broken and shattered left to die on the cold floor
They fought till they couldn't take any more
Bombarding with bullets, shooting back and forth like a tug-a-war, just enough to keep death at bay
Things were never supposed to be this way
They lost their minds, what was it they were fighting for in the first place?
It turned into a competition, who would win this race?

Finally the last shot was fired
From all their fighting they grow tired
Falling face first they face defeat, too weak to stand on their blistered feet
Bleeding from open wounds their blood soaks into the barren soil
Hearts slow down and they take their last breath
surely this war was the cause of death.

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This is truely amazing. It

This is truely amazing. It really hit me hard.

Thank you.

If your mirror doesn't find you one of the most beautiful people it has ever seen, punch it and find a better mirror.

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Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment.