Cleaving Both Of Us

My life and yours both are together
And days, more or less, shall take us further
Through, as when wind find out a way
Among the dense past, future long always
Is where within our lives revolve the better
And worse seen life all the way it is,
Now and forever more.

Forgiving goes but forgetting holds
The brain whose sleep it cannot remember
But heartbeats hit upon one other strongly
Till soft can feel your Human sympathy,
The love which healing you cannot deny;
Warm-blood living, whoever is, still cries,
Now and forever more.

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Blank Verse Rock!

"The brain whose sleep it cannot remember/But heartbeats hit upon one other strongly" You do this soooooo nicely. The content is hard hitting, seeable, concrete yet mello, like a jazz sonata. - Enjoyed this one - slc