The Lectern's Rise

Green only where I water it keeps growing
A foliage, fruit and boughs; that flowering
Is but the sower's duty; his toiling hands,
Gave life to thy dull Pretorian lands
Of only full trees; many Jacarandas,
Are flying leaf, while I, keep beauty younger
Youth now are making more, of their history
Walk aye! that way, keep strutting on unsorry.
It is the time of reaping; thee should cull,
Unveiling all that did seal a flag; the pall,
Goes too to rest lastly you go sleep, there,
Is a child on earth, to be born every year
We harvest seeing them come in January
Begin thy growth follow late, in February.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The child that's born every year, is the year its self.