"Clouds Soar Electric"

Clouds soar electric as light strikes a silent earth,

Raindrops falling with gravitational command.

Through tear stained windows, the meadows prepare a second birth,

The storm's overbearing continuing to expand.


Trillions by trillions the drops become oceans,

Replacing with stillness where there was once commotion.

The drowning prairies stare at a gray-scaled horizon,

Looking through the dismal at the god Poseidon.


An insideous world's screams are muffled as water becomes a liquid skyscraper.

Muting the powerful roar of the vox populi.

A skyline of lies is shredded like moistened sandpaper,

A horizon of guilt becomes antalkali.


Blood becomes scab, scab becomes scar,

Ruins whispering stories of infinite war.

Rains fall with sorrow as the cities disappear,

Ridding the world of sadness and incalculable fear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the drowning of a world of war and treachery. Kind of resembles the biblical story of the Great Flood; a new beginning.

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