Unwanted Love


that feeling, of your hand upon my face.

when you touch me, in that sick embrace

how it sickens me to hear you say you love me

now that you know perhaps you'll see

don't touch me it burns my skin

don't love me i don't need your sin.

i loathe you just stay outta my life

good bye now. i need no more strife.


i just can dstand the way you try to love me

the more you try to more it makes me angry

just leave now, i never liked you either way

bye bye now you better go before you pay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wa sina relationship and i didn't love the person it was a HUGE waste of time. and everytime that perosn tried to get close i got a sick feeling.

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Jerri Kerner's picture

Wow, I know how that feels sometimes. I once had a boyfriend I could not even stand to look at and everytime he wanted to kiss me I wanted to throw up. Who knows why we get into these relationships?