Dear Santa,


On the lines below you’ll find my Christmas wish is listed:

Simply: could you take us back to a time when we didn’t quarrel…when we all co-existed?


A time when all the Earth was one…when we followed nature’s order…back before we thought we owned the land and quarreled over our borders.


Back when we thought of every person in the world as family…everybody as our kin…before we quarreled about the way we look and the color of our skin.


Back to a time when we didn’t quarrel about how our world interconnects.

When we treated the Earth and all her animals with kindness and respect.


Back when we didn’t quarrel about our food…across the world it was evenly dispersed…back when no one died of hunger, poverty or thirst.


Back when we all cared about each other and when the day was done…we didn’t solve our quarrels with violence and guns.


Back to a time when the Earth, the sky and nature were all we needed to be awed…before churches and religions made us quarrel about our Gods.


What’s that Santa, you say in all your years this has never been the Earth you knew…

In that case Santa, 

this Christmas

could you make my wishes come true.

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No one could possibly blame

No one could possibly blame you for seeking help from Santa - has anyone else listened?


Your sentiments are not only noble, they are cherishable and body of them is made of enough arms to take in 7.7 billion embraces, if we ever become ready.