When the time comes to say goodbye…when we reach that fateful day

I will not say goodbye to you…because there’s so much else to say…


As we stand upon that threshold…our time together…almost through…

I’d like to say how lucky I’ve been to know someone like you.


As I look at all our years together…still hoping we have more…

there are so many things about my life…I’d like to thank you for.


I’d like to thank you for every moment…every second that we shared.

I’d like to thank you for being with me when I’ve been brave or scared.


For the times we danced together, for the times you’ve eased my fears…

For the times we’ve sat in silence, for the time you’ve shared my tears.


For every walk we’ve ever taken, every song we’ve ever sung

For showing me as we grow old together…what it’s like to feel young.


For every time we laughed…for every time we cried.

For knowing whatever happened…you would be there by my side.


For all the wonders we’ve experienced,…for all our wonders unforeseen..

From our first place to our last place…and for all those places in between.


For the sunrises and sunsets we’ve enjoyed…for somehow having the knack

of taking me higher than I’ve ever imagined…to the moon, the stars and back.


No, I will not say goodbye…goodbye is final…so, if you please

let me say I love you…and send that upon the breeze…


and let it float until it finds you…I know not where or when….

and let it keep you company…until we meet again…

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