The Wind

I asked nature about the wind...
Where does it get it’s strength to blow?
Were does it originate,
and when it passes...
where’s it go?

I asked nature about the trees
How is it they can grow?
Why is it they stand so tall
yet undulate to and fro?

I asked nature about the ocean
How does its water flow?
Why in the early sunlight
does its surface seem to glow?

Nature’s answer is always the same...
when nature chooses to speak...
“Love..” she says...”It’s Love...”
“Love is the answer that you seek.”

I’ve asked nature many questions
yet love is the only answer I’ve ever heard
(I’m beginning to wonder if nature’s vocabulary
is limited to one word!)

But when you stop to think about it...
perhaps love is nature’s creed
And she’s trying hard to tell us
It’s the only word we’ll ever need.

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I Asked Nature

What is hope? He said, hope is love. Yeah, limited vocabulary, nature. : D