The Closure to a Brand New Story

I want a closure

I want an ending

To this life full of pretending

I want a way out

I want to fade out

I want to talk to you again

I need a heart ache

I need an earthquake

Tear me down tear me out

I want you to know this is the end

To our little story

Of a girl who

Loved a guy and

They wanted eachother

But barely got by

Now he's a loser

She feels like a user

Why do they do this

Why do we always feel alone in the end?

I want to break out

I want to run far away

Take my hand

Take my heart

We can make it a brand new start

Total the mileage

The postage stamp due

Fill up the gas tank

I'm coming for you

I want a new sound

I want a new face

I need a new fight

And a modevation to get out of this place

I want a new car

To play the guitar

My drums are quite cool but

I feel like a fool and

Now I am gone

Give me time to be strong

I'll put the pedal to the medal

Be there at a quarter past 7

In the morning

Right when you wake up

I'll be where I want to

Out side of your house

Patiently waiting for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just want to scream I have so much to say! I wanted to get all of that out, and although it may not make sence to you, it makes perfect sence to me and thats all taht really matters.  I just really needed to let taht out...I feel better now!

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Christine Smith's picture

Wow, i'd have to say this is the best. usually yours are full of love and stuff. this one made me want to go kick a hole in a wall...which is a good thing. hell yeah! now i am motivated. good shit!!