Cry Under a Hollow Face

Though this life sometimes  

seems so fake at times

We all enjoy our lives

The best we know we can

I try not to fret

Try not to regret

Try not to show how it is I'm really feeling inside.

Never have I felt so naked

Standing fully clothed  

For you know my everything

All except this feeling of hurt

This feeling of not knowing why

For I take it just the same

To see my face you will see a hollow pain

Look into my eyes and tell me

That you think I am better off without you

It just doesnt work that way

So as for today

I'll let you slip away

Not because I want to  

But rather because you told me to

I just wanna cry

I think I'm gonna cry

Under muffled sobs of loneliness

All under a hollow face for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writtin for someone special to me...someone who made me realize what it means to live and to love and to never give up.  

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Christine Smith's picture

Never give up. That is always to be our motto. Joel, i cannot wait for this next year to come around and to see how much i take it in with all i have learned from you. I am truly a new person...all for the better. I love life, and want to live love...and i do and can. I have hope, faith, and determination. I wont give up. I cant give up. Cuz giving up would be letting you down. And i hold you so high i would never do that to you. You are my one motivation to strive on and love and live and be on and on. So give up? Never!