Let Me Reflect Upon Myself

I’m angry, I’m angry
Why am I so angry?
My brow’s always furrowed
My chest filled with angst.

I’m sad, I’m sad
Why am I so sad?
I no longer feel my tears
My face always numb.

I’m confused, I’m confused
Why am I so confused?
My mind’s a lost cause
They’ve all deemed me insane.

I’m lonely, I’m lonely
Why am I so lonely?
In a room full of people
I still talk to myself.

I’m scared, I’m scared
Why am I so scared?
I can smile when addressed
But the rest is a mess.

I’m lost, I’m lost
Why am I so lost?
I’ve been wandering for years
I don’t want to be found.

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orangejumpsuit's picture

i dont think your crazy

You sound like a normal teenage poet if that makes any sense. Since you write you have a little pension for acting eccentric. Thats a good thing and it sounds like you enjoy that part of yourself. It could help your perspective which helps with your writing but if you really think your insane you will continue to go even crazier. i would stop doing drugs if thats how you really feel. wait until you get to college.

btw i love your screen name
some poetrs for you since i am arrogant enough to think i know more poets for you
try franz wright and lousie gluck for starters

if you really want to be a poet you will be miserable a lot but you meet a lot of fascinating people both in work and outside of it